Family: Liliaceae
Popular name: Dutch hyacinth

Most significant cultivars

About 100 cultivars are cultivated, but fewer than 25 of these individual cultivars represent 90% of the total world production.
Hyacinths are often used in small groups of 3 to 5 bulbs of one cultivar, or are planted in larger groups or in beds using either solid or mixed colours.

Deep blue

  •  ‘Atlantic’: blue
  •  ‘Blue Jacket’: deep blue
  •  ‘Delft Blue’: blue
  •  ‘Ostara’: deep violet-blue


  •  ‘Amethyst’: lilac-blue
  •  ‘Anna Liza’: blue
  •  ‘Splendid Cornelia’: blue


  • ‘Amsterdam’: deep carmine red
  •  ‘Hollyhock’ deep red double flowers
  •  ‘Jan Bos’: carmine red


  •  ‘Anna Marie’: bright pink 
  •  ‘Fondant’: pink
  •  ‘Lady Derby’: salmon pink
  •  ‘Marconi’: deep pink
  •  ‘Pink Pearl’: brilliant bright pink


  •  ‘City of Haarlem’: bright yellow


  •  ‘Gypsy Queen’: salmon orange


  •  ‘Carnegie’: pure white
  •  ‘L’Innocence’: pure white
  •  ‘White Pearl’: pure white

The colours and flower shapes of all these cultivars are utterly superb. Special attention, however, should be given to the double-flowered ‘Hollyhock’, the yellow ‘City of Haarlem’, the pure white ‘Carnegie’ and the recently developed salmon-orange ‘Gypsy Queen’ which offers a very distinctive colour for hyacinths.