Triumph tulip is the Flower Bulb of the Year

Typical tulip shape

The tulip is without a doubt the best known and most popular flower bulb. With their beautiful, bright colours, they are a sight for sore eyes in the garden. There are more than 8,000 registered varieties, with new ones being added every year. The Triumph tulip has been crowned Flower Bulb of the Year. The flowers have that typical tulip shape that starts off like a cone and transforms into an oval after opening.

Trump card

The Triumph tulip is the result of a cross between early and late single-flowered tulips. Besides its beautiful flowers, which it displays in all kinds of colours in the middle of spring, its beautiful, sturdy stems are a great asset. This makes them less vulnerable, so you can enjoy these tulips for a long time. They grow between 25 and 50 centimetres high and have blue-green, and sometimes yellow-green or variegated leaves.

Nice to know

  • Did you know that there are also luscious, lightly scented Triumph tulips? Examples include Tulipa ‘Brown Sugar’ and Tulipa ‘Shirley’.
  • The Triumph tulip belongs to one of the fifteen tulip groups. Tulips are grouped according to their flowering time and flower shape.
  • The Netherlands exports a total of 2.5 billion tulip bulbs. The 23 largest tulip varieties account for 40% of the total tulip production. These are sold in garden centres or used for flower production. The yellow tulip ‘Strong Gold’ is by far the most popular; it belongs to the Triumph tulip group.