Fritillaria persica

Family: Liliaceae
Popular name: Persia

Flower colour: deep purple

Flowering period: April – May

Average plant height: 75 cm

Planting depth to base of bulb: 20 cm

Spacing between bulbs: 25 cm

Type of bulb: bulb

Light requirements: full sun

Landscape uses: perennial beds and borders

This species places the same demands on soil and habitat as the much more well-known F. imperialis. Planting both species next to one another is especially lovely when the partner is a yellow F. imperialis. Late-flowering yellow or white narcissi also make good neighbours. The bell-shaped flowers of F. persica are found on tall, rather spindly stems. To be assured of a yearly flowering it is best to lift the bulbs in July and store them in a warm (20°C) location and then replant them.