What to keep in mind when buying flower bulbs

1. The right timing

It’s important to buy flower bulbs that are fresh. This is why you should buy them during the right season. If you buy them later, they may have dried out. Spring-flowering bulbs such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths should be bought in the autumn. Summer-flowering bulbs such as dahlias, lilies and gladioli should be bought in the spring.

2. Where to plant them

Some flower bulbs will thrive in a shady spot while others will flourish in the sun. For this reason, check the packaging to see which position would be best for the flower bulbs you are selecting. Or take a look at the various kinds of bulbs.

3. Where to buy them

You want to plant flower bulbs in your garden, but where can you buy them? Actually, you have quite a choice. You can find them at garden centres, nurseries, mail order companies, supermarkets, home improvement stores and webshops.

4. Flowering period

Every kind of flower bulb has its own flowering period. Exactly when is indicated on the packaging, in the catalogue or at the webshop. By knowing this in advance, you’ll know whether it will satisfy your expectations.


Plant more than one kind for consecutive flowering. This way, you can enjoy a beautiful display for even longer.

5. Climate

Flower bulbs are real survivors. After all, they grow in almost every climate and soil type. Even so, some bulbs will grow better in a mild climate while others will easily tolerate severe weather conditions. If you want to know which kinds of flower bulbs will perform best in your garden, ask about this at the place where you buy them.

6. Classifying flower bulbs

Some flower bulbs will produce flowers for just one season while others will bloom year after year. And some flower bulbs will increase in number over time from 10 to 100 bulbs. In short, we can classify flower bulbs into three groups: annuals (that flower for just one season), perennials (that flower for more than one season), and naturalising bulbs (that not only flower for more than one season but will also increase in number). This is just another thing you should keep in mind before buying flower bulbs.

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