Summer flowers in the garden


Summer is the season when we spend the most time in the garden. The sunny weather and positive energy of the summer season make it wonderful to be outside. Get the most out of your garden by planting lots of summer flowers. A delightful ‘flower bath’ in the hammock!

Summer bulbs

Summer flowers are flowers that are at their peak in the summer months. They proudly show off their flowers during the summer months. There are many summer bulbs that produce stunning flowers. Dahlia is the queen of summer flowers, but gladioli, callas, Crocosmia, Liatris and lilies are also beautiful.


Dahlias are summer flowers that will always steal the show in the garden. These beautiful flowers in the most diverse colours attract plenty of attention with their charm. If you deadhead wilted flowers, the plant will produce even more flowers. The plant will only stop blooming when the first frost hits.


If you plant summer bulbs you will ensure that there is plenty of pollen and nectar in the garden. Summer bulbs increase biodiversity, because bees and butterflies love them. The best varieties are blazing star (Liatris), dahlias with open hearts, Abyssinian gladiolus (Gladiolus callianthus) and Crocosmia.


Summer bulbs, corms and tubers should be planted once the danger of frost has passed. This is usually from late April to the end of May. But how exactly should you plant them?

  • Locate a sunny spot in the garden. Summer bulbs will produce the most flowers under the summer rays of the sun.
  • Break up the soil to loosen it thoroughly and remove any weeds and small stones.
  • Plant most of your summer bulbs at a depth equal to twice their height. The two exceptions are dahlias and begonias: they should be planted just beneath the soil surface.
  • Submerge the summer bulbs in water for an hour before planting or give them lots of water immediately after planting. Plenty of watering gives summer bulbs a good start in their growth.

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