Summer bulbs put you in a flower bubble


The economy is doing well, and it would also be hard to imagine life without the e-this and e-that. In our digital world, we tend to draw in people who are on the same page as we are because this provides us with a feeling of invulnerability. It puts life under a magnifier so the rest of the world seems less important. And it enhances our self-esteem to see that our own group looks at life in the same way. The rapid shift to digitisation is stepping up this effect; in terms of gardening, turning to the luxury and opulence provided by summer bulbs is becoming a real trend. Using these lavish impressive flowers with their dazzling colours to turn your garden into a flower bubble helps you escape from the fast lane.

226112.jpg 226115.jpg

Something to hold onto

The natural world around us (and this includes summer bulbs) gives us something to hold onto in our fast-paced digital world. The use of oversized, vividly coloured flowers to create big impressive bouquets or borders is setting the standard. This makes summer bulbs the true heroines of the garden. The colourful, lavish look of flowers produced by summer bulbs is eye-catching to say the least. It’s all very reminiscent of the luxurious romantic atmosphere of the floral paintings created by the old Dutch masters: rich colours like Burgundy red, maroon and black combined with purples, oranges, blues and greens provide a similar picture. Once you create it, the only thing left to do is to enjoy your floral bubble.

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