Summer bulbs: natural talents for the ‘New Frontiers’ garden trend

Embrace the chaos

Together, these three trends are being called ‘Cutting Strings’. In other words, the time has come to break with old patterns and set out in new directions. Since change is happening at breakneck speed, old ties have to be severed. Although change is fun and exciting, it also causes stress and it makes you lose sight of the big picture. Because certainties are no longer certain, chaos develops. But no change means no innovation! This is why embracing chaos will facilitate innovation.

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Green environments are essential

We’re being confronted with a tsunami of technology. Although it makes our everyday lives a lot easier, this technological wave also leads to a need for healthy living conditions: we have to find the right balance between body and mind. On a practical level, this means alternating high-tech with a generous exposure to the wonders of nature. When it comes to this, the energising allure of summer bulbs is essential. In the garden, they provide exactly what we want: a fresh, bright futuristic setting.




Natural talents

Summer bulbs such as lilies, dahlias and gladioli add to today’s trend for a futuristic look. Combining flowers in utopian colours and ultra-unique shapes produces a feeling of technological advancement along with that relaxed, unhurried atmosphere we need so much. Cool pastels graduating from light to dark mixed with vivid intense colours make a garden look fresher than ever. Dahlias and lilies are natural talents in this regard.

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