Summer bulbs in the multifunctional garden


Houses and gardens have been transformed into a flexible base in recent years. Just like indoors, the outdoors is also used multifunctionally. The garden merges with the house to create more living space, so that sports, work and relaxation can also be enjoyed there.


The focus is on designing the outdoor space. The common thread is a clear layout with lots of white. This colour represents a new fresh perspective on the future. There is much attention for biodiversity. To increase biodiversity, you will need a considerable amount of greenery that consists of a wide mix of varieties.


Summer bulbs are indispensable in the multifunctional garden. Use lots of dahlias, lilies, callas, gladioli and begonias with white flowers. Complement this with bright accent colours like yellow and red. Use these sparingly, because they are mainly intended to enhance the fresh look of the white flowers.

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