Stimulate your senses with scented summer bloomers


Summer bloomers are generally bought based on flower colours. But they have more to offer than just looks: fragrance! Flowers have a fragrance for a reason: they tempt bees, bumblebees and butterflies to pollinate the flowers. In addition to insects, humans can also enjoy them intensely. Plant summer-flowering bulbs for a wonderful garden experience. You will find that the combination of sight and fragrance makes every garden visit a real treat.

How it works

With the help of light and heat, summer bloomers produce fragrances in addition to nutrients. These are stored in special cells. When these fragrance cells open, their aromatic substance is released. Solid or liquid substances then turn into gas. When these aromatic substances evaporate, we can smell them. So plant summer flowering bulbs in the garden, and bathe in wonderful fragrances all summer long.

Fragrance type

Fragrances are personal, so choose the one you like. Some summer bulbs have a delicate fragrance, others are real fragrance bombs. Because scent does not linger in the garden, it is always pleasant. The five summer bulbs with the best fragrances are:

1. Lily (Lilium):

Oriental lilies smell sweet and sultry; the speciosum hybrid lilies have a light vanilla scent; and the Asiatic lily smells more refined.


2. Abyssinian Gladiolus (Gladiolus murielae):

Abyssinian gladioli allow you to enjoy an elegant, sweet fragrance.


3. Freesia:

The fragrance of freesias varies from deliciously sweet to very spicy. While some varieties are quite heavily scented, others have a more subtle fragrance.


4. Spider Lily (Hymenocallis):

In the garden, spider lilies will tickle your nose with a gentle, sweet fragrance.


5. Crinum:

Crinum treats you to a strong, sweet fragrance.


Did you know?

  • If you want to fully enjoy the fragrances in your green wellness area, you will find that most scents linger in your garden in the afternoon, on a sunny day, with a light breeze. So savour the moment!
  • Flowers smell extra lovely if they are placed near a wall heated by the sun. The heat stimulates the release of the fragrance.