Single-flowered dahlias earn the title Summer Bulb of the Year


Dahlias are immensely popular, thanks to the insanely beautiful flowers they produce. How could they not cheer you up! Since there are so many dahlia varieties, they are divided into twelve groups. One group is the single-flowered Dahlia, the Summer Bulb of the Year! The flowers consist of a single row of petals with flat, upright petals in the centre. Their height ranges from 40 to 60 cm.


Single-flowered dahlias attract bees and butterflies in great numbers. That’s because they are rich in pollen and nectar, making them top performers when it comes to providing food. What’s more, they have ‘open hearts’. This means that the heart of the flower is clearly visible and that bees and butterflies can easily get to the nectar and pollen. Since they produce lots of flowers and will bloom until the first frost, they are proper bee and butterfly magnets!


Thanks to their long flowering period, from June until the first frost, dahlias offer ornamental value for months on end. Single-flowered dahlias come in a variety of colours. Sometimes they are even multi-coloured. The flower petals have different shapes. Some petals are broad and long, while others are round and short. Some single-flowered dahlias even have curled petals. It’s entirely up to you to choose a colour that matches or contrasts with your garden palette.

Nice to know

  • Did you know that single-flowered dahlias are particularly suitable for planting in pots? In this way, you can enjoy these bee and butterfly magnets even if you don’t have a garden.
  • If you deadhead wilted flowers, the plant will continue to produce new flowers. In other words: the more old flower buds you remove, the more you will get in return.


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