Relax among summer bulbs in pots on your balcony and terrace

If you want to create more atmosphere on your balcony or patio, plant summer bulbs in pots now. These bright and colourful additions will make for fabulous relaxing very soon!

Even more suitable

Summer bulbs can be planted once the danger of night frost has passed. The advantage of bulbs in pots is that you can move them to a frost-free spot if frost is forecast. All summer bulbs are suitable for use in pots. Flowers with strong stems or lower-growing summer bulbs are even more suitable because they do not need support. Asiatic lilies, for example, will do very well in pots thanks to their super strong stems. Especially the dwarf varieties are ideal for use in pots.

Easy planting in five steps

  1. Choose pots with a hole in the bottom to allow excess water to drain away. Add some shards to cover the holes, if necessary.
  2. Fill the pot halfway with potting soil. The packaging of your summer bulbs will state how deep they should be planted.
  3. Place the bulbs (or tubers) on the soil. Sometimes you can tell what the top or bottom is, for example if you can spot a growing tip (top) or root crown (bottom). For begonias, the concave side is the top. If you can’t see it: no problem; the bulb will sort it out for itself. Do make sure that there is enough space in the pot, so there will be enough room for the roots later.
  4. Continue filling the pot with potting soil. Leave some space under the edge for watering. Gently press down the soil.
  5. Water generously.

Excellent match

Group the same bulbs, or if you prefer, different varieties together in a pot. A combination with a perennial plant also makes for a nice effect. A pink Begonia, for example, is an excellent match with blue/purple sage (Salvia). With its broad leaves, Canna lily is an exception, it likes to stand alone. Put Canna lilies in a large pot because they need space.

Group different pots and colours together on your garden table or by your (reclining) chair, for example, dahlias, gladioli and Callas (Zantedeschia). Now it’s time to relax in your wonderful outdoor space!

Interesting facts

  • Summer bulbs will provide colour for many months: lilies, for example, will flower as early as June and dahlias can flower as late as the first night frost.
  • Cut off any wilted flowers regularly; this will ensure rich continued flowering.
  • Many summer flowers are also suitable as cut flowers; just a single branch in a pretty vase creates wonderful summer vibes.

Dahlia Trucella Lilium Tiny Moon