Garden trend 2024 – Meaningful Earth

The environmental concerns that have kept our minds occupied for several seasons now are reflected in this garden trend. We realise more and more that biodiversity and nature are indispensable for a healthy living environment. The Meaningful Earth trend depicts the garden as a symbol of fertility and strength.

Uncultivated and rough

It looks as if planting in the borders has been done naturally and randomly. With an uncultivated look, layers of earth, different colours of sand, minerals and stones are can be discerned. Large clumps of grass growing between plants and flowers lend the garden the character of this trend. Any garden accessories are coarse and irregular in shape and appear to have come straight from nature. Randomly shaped logs, rough blocks of stone, natural fences, sunken sitting areas and fire pits reinforce this trend.

Colours and shapes

When it comes to the flowers and plants in this garden trend, we see colours like pale yellow and salmon tones, combined with dark and grey greens. The accessories are natural, handmade, robust, eco-friendly and recycled. Designs in earth tones are made of stain patterns, fossil prints and stripes.