Garden trend 2023: a tribute to nature

Natural atmosphere

Nature is given a more free rein and gardens are becoming wilder. The biodiversity is improved through the use of many plants of lots of different varieties, rather than planting just one and the same. Slabs and other hard surfaces are less important. Surfacing, if any, is being done through semi-paving which threads its way through the vegetation.

Small outdoor area

Gone are the days when having a small garden or balcony was a reason not to have any vegetation. Rise to the challenge to surround yourself by nature even in the smallest of outdoor spaces. In every outdoor space, no matter how small, people create vivacious green experiences, with a rich and diverse vegetation. On the railing, in pots or through vertical planting, or even better, all of the above. Nature is everywhere.

Organic symbiosis

Natural, balanced colours such as shades of brown and green are key. Add subtle whites, pale purples and soft reds, all without disturbing the natural character. The use of flowers and plants is fanciful and natural. You no longer find plants standing upright in designer pots, but a symbiosis between the different elements of nature.

Poetry in the garden

Flower bulbs play an important part in the wild garden atmosphere. Tulips, daffodils, grape hyacinths and hyacinths increase the green volume. Choose mainly botanical varieties such as botanical tulips, daffodils and common bluebells and use them like a natural poem in which flower bulbs correspond in form or composition with the rest of the plants.

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