Fun in the garden with children

Watch them grow

Flower bulbs provide the perfect opportunity to watch the various stages of plant growth. So why not let children plant their very own bulbs? When looking at a bulb before planting it, you can already see where the roots will grow and where the shoot will emerge on top. As summer arrives, the excitement builds. That’s when the first little shoots appear. From that moment on, the children can watch leaves and buds forming and then the flowers opening. And they also experience the reward of a colourful garden – it’s something they’ll never forget!

bulb afbeelding

The best time to plant

The best time to plant flower bulbs is September – December before the first frost. Until then, the children can join their parents in thinking about what colours they want to have in their garden and visiting the garden centre for inspiration. When it comes to planting, the rule of thumb is to plant bulbs twice as deep as they are tall and with the ‘nose’ pointing upward! Once the bulbs are planted, water them immediately so that the roots will develop quickly.

bulb afbeelding

Enjoyment from bulbs

To give your garden that natural look of summer, try putting flower bulbs of various kinds and colours into a basket or pail, mixing them all up, scattering them at random spots in the garden, and planting them wherever they land. Or plant them to create a shape of colour – like a heart – in your garden. It’s always a surprise to see the result when summer arrives! All those flowering bulbs also attract bees and butterflies, so a visit to your own garden gives you something new to see every time.

bulb afbeelding