Flower bulbs symbolize our need for authenticity


We live in a world where anything can be photoshopped: only the perfect picture will do, especially pictures we want to show to anyone else. With our own personal individuality fading, however, we fear we’re becoming like everyone else. So, our drive to be unique is outweighing our need to project ourselves as perfect. The result? We’re developing a huge need for individuality characterized by imperfection and freedom to be ourselves.

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Off the beaten track

Who cares any more about being the perfect role model? Stereotyped expectations are simply being ignored. We want to discover things ourselves and not be hassled with rules. The new pathway is the off the beaten track. In the garden, this is expressed in a disarming planting with street scene and urban influences. The effect of planting flower bulbs with their colorful, visually powerful flowers reflects a kind of brash street savvy.

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Letting go

The more casual look of the plantings makes it seem like the flower bulbs have simply naturalized. They haven’t been, of course. Actually, this is an expression of a deliberate letting go of unwritten laws and rules. This is accentuated by the visually powerful colors of the gorgeous flowers produced by flower bulbs. Daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and grape hyacinths: each of them symbolizes our demand for freedom.

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