Flower bulbs for the very first spring flowers

Spring emerges

Who doesn’t want to start off the new year by saying good-bye as soon as possible to the drabness of winter by enjoying spring flowers? If you want to watch spring emerge in your own garden, plant flower bulbs now. After all, autumn is the perfect time to plant them. This is because flower bulbs need the cold of winter. They will then grow and bloom in full glory early in the spring.

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What many people don’t know is that flower bulbs are the first harbingers of spring. Snowdrops kick off the season in January, and ornamental onions are the last of the spring flower bulbs to bloom. With a careful selection, you can have a real flowering marathon that lasts until July. Complicated? Not at all! The flower bulb schedule tells you exactly when each kind of spring-flowering bulb will bloom. All you have to do then is select ones in your favourite colours.


By choosing a mix of flower bulbs, you can enjoy a long non-stop display of spring flowers. To begin, put the flower bulbs in a large container and mix them all up. Scatter them onto the place where you want to plant them. And then pop them into the ground. The rule of thumb here is: plant them 3 times as deep as the size of the bulb.