Flower bulbs for a new dimension in gardening


Because our individual opinions are becoming increasingly important, we are expressing our ideas more often. We hold protests on the streets to obtain what we think is right. In a process of regrouping, those in a more powerful position are losing out to those with more outspoken opinions. The trend now is for a focus on garden products that represent an ideal.

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An exciting garden

In the garden, we see this expressed in a need for new proportions. The once familiar layout is being thrown overboard. Unexpected differences in height using steps and variations in elevation give the garden a more whimsical twist and provide new and surprising views at every turn. The result is an exciting garden with many spots to discover.


Above all, the garden has to provide convenience. What about garden furniture that already accommodates a planting? No more hassle with clutter because borders are enclosed by geometrically shaped containers, margins and pots. Flower bulbs enhance this basic idea. This is especially true of flower bulbs that emerge in greater numbers every year such as glory-of-the-snow and species tulips.

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A whimsical effect

Make use of flower bulbs to accentuate the whimsical proportions typical of this trend. Tulips, daffodils and grape hyacinths are perfect for creating monochromatic, visually powerful surfaces. Combining vivid with pastel colours results in a colourful, highly contrasting and whimsical effect. The use of pastels also softens the look.

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