Flower bulb street party

Spring is the perfect time to plant summer bulbs. Why not turn bulb planting into a flower bulb street party? Invite your neighbours, decorate the street and provide some nice treats. If you make planting summer bulbs a festive event, you not only turn it into a fun experience, but everyone on your street will then be able to enjoy the cheerful flowers when summer arrives.

Tips for your flower bulb street party

Turn planting summer bulbs into a fun activity. Here are some ideas to make it a fun party:

  1. Invite your neighbours to a flower bulb party in the street.
  2. Think of a theme for the party and decorate the street with flower garlands, flower pots and other fun decorations.
  3. Organise a fun picnic or barbecue. Prepare tasty snacks and drinks to share together.
  4. Entertain your neighbours with a fun flower bulb quiz to test their knowledge about different types of bulbs, gardening and flowers.
  5. Ask everyone to take pictures of the bulb planting session – and the results. Have a photo contest and reward the most beautiful or creative photos with a nice gift.

Choosing flower bulbs

Preparations for a flower bulb party start with picking out the bulbs. Think about where you are going to plant them. Tall bulbs, for example, are best placed at the back of the border, while shorter varieties are better suited for the front. Choose your favourite colours and flower shapes and see what’s available in the shop. In addition to the summer bulbs listed below, there are other special bulbs that will make your flower garden look spectacular in summer.

  • Dahlias are colourful and versatile flowers that will flower all summer long.
  • Gladioli are beautiful flowers with long, straight stems. They come in a variety of colours.
  • Lilies smell wonderful and add elegance to your garden.
  • With their funnel-shaped blooms, Calla flowers are quite striking.
  • Begonias are perfect long-lasting summer blooms for your garden.

Read the instructions on the packaging for the right planting depth and how to care for each flower bulb.