Dahlia and other summer bulbs: unique Mother’s Day gifts

Dahlia: best known

Summer bulbs and tubers come in all the colours of the rainbow. You are sure to find one that will please your mother. You can even buy them in fun gift packaging in garden centres, DIY stores and webshops. An even better way to give and receive flower bulbs and tubers! Dahlia is the best-known variety, but gladiolus, lily, arum, Begonia, African lily and Liatris are also popular summer bulbs.

Planting tips

You can turn planting into an adventure by doing it together. Children, in particular, absolutely love removing the bulbs and tubers from the packaging and finding a spot for them in the garden. Summer bulbs and tubers should be planted once the danger of frost has passed. On the packaging you can find more information on the most suitable planting spot – most of these varieties are real sun worshippers. You can also find out how deep and how far apart the bulbs need to be planted. Flower bulbs and tubers also do well in pots with holes in the bottom, to allow any excess water to drain. When using a pot, it is fine to plant bulbs closer together. Water them if not much rain is expected; they need water for their roots to grow.

Months of colour

The bulbs and tubers will then grow of their own accord. Watering is only necessary during long periods of drought. Everything else they need is already in the bulb. Depending on the variety, they will bloom from June to October. When it comes to flowering, Dahlias are strong performers, with a flowering period from July until the first frost. So, your Mother’s Day gift is guaranteed to last for months!

Interesting facts

  • Removing wilted flowers, for example in Dahlia and arum, will ensure even richer flowering.
  • Some summer bulbs and tubers can also be used as cut flowers. Your mother may want to cut off a few Dahlia and lily flowers and display them in a pretty vase. A great way to brighten up her home or the garden table!

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