Create a cosy outdoor area with colourful pre-forced bulbs

It works both for balconies and (rooftop) terraces. Make your outdoor space cosy with colourful pre-forced bulbs. In this way, your outdoor space becomes an extension of your home. The perfect spot to catch the first rays of spring sunshine!

Spring vibes

From tulips to grape hyacinths. From hyacinths to daffodils. With pre-forced bulbs, you can easily create a colourful atmosphere on your balcony or patio. Pre-forced flower bulbs can easily tolerate a few degrees of frost. As such, they are very suitable to use outside as early as February-March. Bye-bye winter, hello spring!

Playing with colour

What colours do you fancy? For a refreshing, calm look, for example, you can opt for a combination of grape hyacinths and creamy white daffodils, which often smell lovely. A little more colour perhaps? Choose tulips in vivid pink, orange or yellow. Play around not only with colour, but also with heights to create an attractive ensemble.

Outdoor styling

With colourful pre-forced bulbs, you can turn your balcony or patio into an extension of your home. If you choose pots, containers and baskets in the same style as your interior, you can even enhance this effect. For a surprising touch, why not display the jars in a pretty shopping bag or a cheerful tin. Do make sure that excess rainwater can drain away (make holes in the bottom if necessary). Complete the look with fun outdoor accessories like pillows, lanterns and a string of lights.

Tips & ideas

  • In the event of an unexpected severe frost, bring the pre-forced bulbs inside or cover them for a while.
  • Buy local! Ask for pre-forced bulbs from a nearby grower.
  • You can also brighten up your interior with pre-forced bulbs. Avoid putting them near your fruit bowl, so you can enjoy them for longer.
  • Have you considered offering pre-forced bulbs as a gift? Even without a bow, they will look very festive!

Tulips in a pot on the balcony and roof terrace Roof terrace with pots of blue grapes and pink tulips. Balcony flower bulbs in pots. Daffodils and yellow tulips.