Colour explosion in your garden


If you want to experience the best of summer in your garden, choose summer bulbs. They bring plenty of colour to your green oasis, and you can feel it. The colours and scents bring great enjoyment and subconsciously make you happy. Plant them in your garden as a supplement in a border, or in pots for additional colour on your terrace or balcony.

Bulbous plants

Summer bulbs are summer-flowering bulbous plants. Examples include dahlias, lilies, callas, begonias and gladioli. They should be planted in spring, once there is no more risk of night frost and the sun warms the soil. In summer, they will reward you with spectacular flowers in the most incredible colours.


Bright orange, funky purple, hot pink or intense yellow; summer bulbs have the power to create a colour explosion in your garden. You can do this with bright colours, but also with soft pastel shades. It’s all up to you. From the moment the bulbs start growing, a sea of flowers is guaranteed.

Nice to know

  • Summer bulbs prefer a sunny spot in the garden. The warmth and light will encourage growth and flowering.
  • Summer bulbs also do well in pots; low-growing species are particularly suitable for this. Do make sure there are holes in the bottom of the pot to allow excess water to drain away.
  • Did you know that dinner plate dahlias can produce flowers of up to 30 centimetres wide?
  • Lilies come in fragrant and non-fragrant varieties.
  • Begonias are hay fever proof. The pollen grains of begonias are so heavy that they fall straight to the ground and do not float through the air.

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