Balcony happiness with flower bulbs

If the first green shoots after winter always make you happy, why not put some flower bulbs out in a pretty balcony planter or pot? They will really help bring that spring fever to your balcony or terrace. Plant them in autumn and put or hang them near your window. Spring will come knocking on your door before you know it!

Lots of different bulbs in one pot

The bulbs you plant in autumn will flower in the spring. Some will even start to bloom quite happily as early as the end of winter, such as crocuses and snowdrops. A little later, grape hyacinths (blue and white), daffodils, hyacinths and tulips will start popping up.

Planting bulbs in a pot

Before planting bulbs in a pot or container, make sure the water can drain away properly, otherwise your bulbs will rot. Make one or more holes in the bottom of the pot and place shards on the bottom followed by a layer of hydro pellets. Top up with a layer of potting soil. Plant the bulbs close together, without letting them touch. Next, cover the bulbs with a layer of potting soil, and water the bulbs after planting. This is how you create true balcony happiness in spring.


  1. Once you’ve planted the bulbs, put some fun autumn flowers like heather or pansies on top. It’s a great way to keep your balcony looking cheerful from autumn to spring.
  2. Water your bulbs as soon as the first bulbs appear after winter, to encourage proper flowering.