Asiatic lily: summer bulb of the year 2024

Asiatic lily has been crowned summer bulb of the year. Whereas before this exotic beauty was mostly used in bouquets, it is now popping up more and more often in gardens. With their large trumpet-shaped flowers in a wide variety of colours, they are real eye-catchers.

Proper works of art

Of all the lilies, Asiatic ones are among the first to bloom in summer. They are incredibly strong and grow easily. Some will grow 30 cm tall, but others will reach the 1.5 metres mark. The choice of flower colours is massive: from creamy white to dark purple and from pale pink to bright orange. Multi-coloured or cheerfully speckled are also available – proper works of art! Most Asiatic lilies are not scented. New varieties are emerging all the time, sometimes even with double or pollen-free flowers!

Cool feet

Asiatic lilies are native to Asia and Europe and are very hardy: they can tolerate frosts up to -25°C. Plant the bulbs in autumn or spring when it is not freezing, in a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sunshine. The soil should be well-drained. Plant the bulbs twice as deep as they are tall (about 15 cm deep) with the tip facing up. Fill the planting hole with soil and gently tamp it down. Lilies like to keep their feet cool, so apply a layer of several inches of bark, leaves or straw, for example (a mulch layer) or plant the bulbs in between other plants. Water the pot after planting.


  • Plant lavender or marigolds next to your lilies. Harmful insects don’t like the scent of lavender, and marigolds attract beneficial insects.
  • Plant Asiatic lilies in pots or containers that allow excess water to drain out. Especially the dwarf varieties are ideal for use in pots.
  • Try cutting off a flower stem and put it in a vase or gift it. A flower from your own garden, what could be better?

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