An eclectic collection of flower bulbs reflects an inclusive society

No barriers

Digital possibilities are opening up our views of the world. But with algorithms saving our preferences to memory, we’re winding up in our own monotonous and predictable internet bubble. What we need are fewer barriers and more diversity. We’re reacting by replacing the term ‘narrow-mindedness’ with ‘inclusion’. The barriers between generations, genders, ethnic origins and other classifications are slowly but surely disintegrating.

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Without the limitation of keeping to any one style, harmony is becoming the key to garden design. Various ethnic influences are being effortlessly combined to create a sunny casual look. An eclectic collection of various flowers bulbs symbolises the breaking down of narrow-mindedness.

BC-Outdoor-024_aangepast.jpg BC-Outdoor-043_aangepast.jpg


A garden that uses a wide range of flower bulbs in many colours and shapes reflects being inspired by cultural diversity. Multicoloured country-style borders impart a slightly exotic impression. Natural colours contrast against bright accent colours – the kinds of colours we associate with flower bulbs: yellow daffodils, purple chequered fritillaries, orange tulips and crown imperials, and blue and pink hyacinths. We’re setting our creativity free!

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