A white garden: pure and natural

Choose white if you want something different. White may not be an official colour, but it will give your garden a calm and pure look. If you alternate shades of white with different types of bulbs and greenery in your garden, you will create a perfect sense of harmony.

Pure and natural

White flowers symbolise simplicity, cleanliness and purity. If you combine white with the greenery of plants, shrubs and trees in your garden, you will create a pure and natural atmosphere. Whether you have a modern garden or a classic one (or maybe a little bit of everything), white flowers are always a good fit!

Mixing white

To create this pure and natural atmosphere, choose different types of bulbs in autumn. Spring-flowering bulbs are planted as early as autumn because they need a cold period to flower properly. If you have a modern garden, try keeping it to no more than three different white flowering bulbs. For a relaxed or classic garden, you can go all out with all types. As long as they are white, of course!

Patio and balcony

If you have a patio or balcony and you like the natural and pure style, white flower bulbs will also work really well. If you have a white pot or balcony planter lying around, or else something made of natural material such as reeds or wood, you can combine it very nicely with your bulbs to enhance the natural atmosphere.