A holiday in your own garden


After the personal distance created by the pandemic, there is a growing need for connection with other people. Celebrating has become a top priority, in an atmosphere of carefree enjoyment. This trend is clearly visible in gardens. The outdoor area is cheerful and colourful, as if every day were a holiday in your own garden.

Floral beauty

The garden is a perfect place for enjoyment and relaxation, preferably together with others. A colourful floral display can create a very cheerful feeling. You could almost say that there’s no need to go on holiday anymore with such a festive atmosphere in the garden.

The place to be

If you want to create that holiday atmosphere in your garden, why not create your own place to be, with colourful borders and cheerful little picking gardens to set the tone. It’s easy to create a playful flower meadow with different types of summer bulbs. Raking is not required, because a certain level of naturalisation has its charms.

Summer bulbs

Use summer bulbs such as dahlias, lilies, gladioli and callas for your flower borders. Choose cheerful and bold pastel shades, interspersed with brighter accents. Don’t forget to decorate your garden with summer parasols, hammocks and other festive accessories. Enjoy!

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