A biodiverse garden with summer bulbs

Life in the garden

Because nowadays there are fewer flowers and plants, there is also less pollen and nectar to be found in nature. As a result, bee and butterfly populations are decreasing in numbers and in species. Summer bulbs not only provide large quantities of flowers in all kinds of fragrances and colours in the garden; they also increase biodiversity. Bees and butterflies will feast on special types of summer bulbs that produce a lot of pollen and nectar. In this way, you help the insects and you also facilitate more life in the garden.


It is important that the summer bulbs you plant produce plenty of nectar and pollen, and that the butterflies and bees can reach and enjoy both. The best varieties are blazing star (Liatris), dahlias with open hearts, Abyssinian gladiolus (Gladiolus callianthus) and Crocosmia. These summer bulbs can be planted as soon as there is no longer a chance of frost, until the end of May. You will find yourself enjoying buzzing bees and fluttering butterflies all summer long, feasting on all the goodness.


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